Other uses include:   Employment,  Probation,  School Sports, Rehabilitation,  Self-testers
74345 Cocaine
Cocaine is an alkaloid present in Coca leaves (Erythyroxine coca). Its pharmalogical properties, such as stimulating and euphoric effects have been known for centuries. Cocaine has been used medicinally as a local anesthetic agent, but its addictive properties have minimized its modern daily use.
74346 Marijuana
Cannabinoids are central nervous system stimulants that alter mood and sensory perceptions, produce loss of coordination, impair short term memory, and produce symptoms of anxiety, paranoia, depression, confusion, hallucination, and increased heart rate.
74348 Methamphetamine
Methamphetamines are central nervous system stimulants that produce alertness, wakefulness, increased energy, reduced hunger, and an overall feeling of well being. Large doses of methamphetamines could develop tolerances and physiological dependency and lead to its abuse.
74350 Heroin/Opiates
Opiates exert their primary effects on the central nervous system and organs containing smooth muscle. Their presence is manifested by analgesia, drowsiness, euphoria, lowering of body temperature, respiratory depression and blockade of adrenocortical response. Opiate and its metabolites may be detected in urine as a result of heroin, morphine, codeine, or poppy seed intake.
74356 Ecstasy
MDMA is an abbreviation for the chemical methylenedioxymethamphetamine. It has many street names including Ecstasy, X, XTC, Disco Biscuits and Shamrocks. It is a stimulant with hallucinogenic tendencies and may generate feelings of love and friendliness. It is a Class A drug, in the same category as heroin and cocaine. Overdoses of MDMA can be fatal, often resulting in heart failure or heat stroke.
74777 5-Drug Multi-Screen
5-Drug Multi-Screen. A combination test  for the five most commonly abused drugs: Marijuana, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine and  Ecstasy.

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